How to add values to the subtest's parameters from the main test?

I have a page that displays different list of input fields as per the radio button chosen.

I want to use data driven approach and include all my combination of cases in csv and run.

I can do this in testproject if dont add tests as a step.

But if I add a test (that determines the radio button to choose and upon which I provide different values to the different fields) as a step, then how can I pass the values for the parameters of the subtest in csv along with the values of the main test.

Hi @nava071,
You need to set the sub-test parameter you want to move to the main test as an ‘output parameter’.
You can read more about it here:

Hi @ran.ferdinaro , I could not figure it out. Please help on this.

I can see the testcase is executing. But fails to pass the values to the subtest.

I tried this and it works How to pass parameters to a test added as a step in another test. Thanks @ran.ferdinaro

Glad to hear the issue is resolved :slight_smile:
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