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How to add a real device (Android or iOS) to a Docker agent?

Hi, when I download Windows or Mac agent it automatically finds my phones and I can execute my tests. I want to have more than one agent on a computer and I successfully set up Docker container with an agent. It is running well in my terminal window and I see it in Agents section. But how to connect my android device with this Docker container to be able to run tests on Android device. Thank you

Hello @ext-aleksandr.savihh
The docker agent does not yet support mobile testing.
You can always create Virtual machines, each with an agent installed on and with physical devices connected to each of those VMs to run parallel tests on mobile devices.

Hi Ran,

What does this mean for CI/CD mobile testing:

The docker agent does not yet support mobile testing.

Are mobile tests possible for CI/CD scenarios?
(I thought docker was necessary for such scenarios… but I may have misunderstood)

Yes, they are, if you use physical devices just have them connected to the agent that runs the Jobs in the CI.
Otherwise, for emulators, you can just have them running when the CI runs.

Thanks Ran,
If I understand correctly then, I was mistaken - CI/CD does not require Docker Agents…
(But Docker Agents are supported for CI/CD for web tests - browser based tests run using selenium)

Indeed, you don’t have to use docker for CI/CD, it can be used on any Agent.

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Hey there @ran.tzur just thought I would confirm that this is still the case with TestProject 2.0? Docker integration still only supports web browser testing and not mobile testing?