How to abort a test?

I wanted to run all my tests today.
So I started my code and in the loop the API is told to execute a test.
That worked fine for the first 6 times.
The 7’th time my test did not start, it kept initializing. (it still is)
So after about 5 minutes my code request the API to abort the testcase."{projectID}/tests/{testID}/executions/{executionID}/abort",
The API returns a code 200
But the test is not aborted.
It is still initializing.
So my question is: How do I abort a test without going through the TestProject Monitoring Dashboard?

2022-06-16 07:49:03.784 INFO EventThread i.t.a.b.c.a Agent was requested to alter execution bPr5aTXDaEiap8IrQQH-5Q with Action: Abort