How set the order of running jobs?

how to set the required job? For example: 1. registration, 2. adding a card, 3. adding an item to the cart, 4. paying for the cart. I run 1, 2, 3, 4 jobs, 2 jobs (1,2) are displayed on the monitor tab. After performing 1, 2 jobs, nothing happens. After opening the test for editing and clicking on the view device, job 3 starts, I press the abortion, the job is unloaded and again nothing happens. After clicking on the view device, job 4 starts.

Before I started to deal with this problem, I tried to run more than 10 jobs in a row, and when, after an unsuccessful job launch, I started working with editing tests, then all these 10 jobs started to run 1 pc. after each attempt to edit the test and click on the view device.


We currently have an issue with queued jobs which should get resolved soon, (ticket - 16382)
It should then work as expected and start the jobs when there are free workers.
However you will still not be able to use a device for record while it’s being used for execution.
I will let you know here once the ticket is resolved.

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The issue has been identified and resolved. 201 is now documented in our swagger at:

Also queued jobs should immediately start when agent workers are available.

Let me know if there is any issue.

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