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How i do attach full page screenshot in report?

How to attach a full-page screenshot, like base 64 formats?

Hi @Hari
Currently when the test captures screenshots it captures the page (elements) inside the view.
If you full to take full-page screenshot you can use the devtools using our Robot addon:
You can execute these actions:

  • Press multiple keys with Robot: Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Press multiple keys with Robot: Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Type text with Robot: Capture full size screenshot
  • Press Enter with robot.
  • Press multiple keys with Robot: Ctrl+Shift+I

Here is an example:



Let me know if you managed :slight_smile:

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@Amit.Lacher Thanks for your input.

  1. How do I attach them to the pdf report? ( ie Base 64 format )
  2. Am looking full-page screenshot for all browsers

Hi @Hari,
As I mentioned it’s not possible to ‘attach’ a screenshot to a report. It will be saved locally when ran on Chrome/Edge.

@Amit.Lacher , is it the same even for cropped and element-specific screenprint?

it would be great if I can attach the screenshots to the report.( like extent or allure )

Thank you!

You can attach a page screenshot to the report by selecting “Always” on When to take screenshots?

Every other kind of a screenshot, element specific, full page, etc…
Will be saved locally.

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