how i can import video in mobile test ?

Is there a way to use video like input as a parameter for testing on iOS and Android mobiles?

Hi @walidTN

Can you please elaborate on the scenario you need help with? Why do you need to use a video as a parameter?

I’d be happy to assist!


Hi @Ricardo.Caster

I want to use my iPhone’s gallery, but my iPhone’s gallery problem is not the same every time I run my automated test.

If what I really want is to set the same gallery on my iPhone, so is there a way I can initialize my iPhone gallery?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @walidTN .

What do you mean by “set the same galery on my iPhone” ?
Can you please give us more details or maybe an example so we can better understand and try to help you with that?

Kind regards,

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