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How do you handle uploading files in browserstack execution?

Hi there

I’m very new to the tool, but my application requires a lot of upload actions. I manage to run them locally with the help of File Uploader addon and I even gave the dropbox addon a try (both work fine), but when the same tests need to run on browserstack, of course they fail as there is no access to my local files.
I was wondering how you handle these scenarios with testproject. Are there some helper addons I did not find?

Hello @sorina.negrila thanks for reaching out.
You are right, it fails as there is no access to your local files.

Since we do not have access to BS servers, the test is not being able to retrieve/send files there during execution,
BS provides paths to local files you can use located in their servers to test file uploading,

for Windows:

for Mac:

for example:

Thanks @meidan.nasi for the quick reply. In the meanwhile I decided to try their 3rd option. Sharing in case anyone might find useful: my test(s) will initially navigate to another URL, download the file I need which is then stored in the remote location
C:\Users\hello\Downloads and then use the file uploader action with the path from remote to upload it to my app. Risk of being a bit brittle, but for the time being, solves my need :).