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How do I set up git users and permissions?

We are considering using GIT to maintain version control for our Test Project test cases. Having only used GIT in a user capacity previously, I am not extremely familiar with GIT setup and configuration. That said, I have a few questions:

  1. We would like only certain people to have access to the repository and only have certain people administer the repository. Users who are not admins should be able to get a local copy of the repository and make changes to tests in the repository but would still need go an approval/review process in order to check-in any changes. What is the best way to set up this configuration type?

  2. For admins and non-admins alike: how would one log into the repository? Would there be a specific login for admins and a specific one for non-admins? Would everyone have their own individual login ID and have certain rights applied to their logins by the admins?

If there’s a ‘newbie’ document that someone can recommend that covers the above scenarios, that would be helpful as well.


Hi @keith.sheehan , I stand corrected by TestProject staff but here are my thoughts. Github integration is like a backup system. It mirrors all the recorded tests you have on TestProject (not coded tests). Like you said, you can see the version history changes. We have it implemented and when I view GitHub, it says you’re not supposed to edit the repo in any way.

So reading both of your questions again, I think they are irrelevant to the GitHub integration feature because you’re not meant to edit it.

If you were not asking about that feature but Git in general, you can find documentation on Github (or whatever system of git you are using like GitLab).