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How do I perform a PAN gesture (long press plus swipe) in mobile iOS?

Hey everyone,
I am testing an app and it has a new long press + swipe gesture for the menu. According to dev, it’s a Pan gesture for iOS. I see that in TestProject, I can do a long press to bring up the menu, but how do I then swipe (while finger is held down) to select a menu item? I don’t see this specific action in Test Project, but is there a way for me to fake it? Maybe a long press and then call a swipe action within the long press step.

The menu items are not clickable, but are selected when you lift your finger, while over them.

It’s an iOS app.

Thank you, any help would be appreciated

Hi Brady,

Can you please send me a screenshot of this element?
This element requires to press it and then swipe? Or just swipe will do the work?

Kind regards,

It requires a long press to activate a menu, and then the user must swipe up/down/left/right to select a menu option. The user must hold down their finger the entire time. Lifting the finger, the menu will go away. I will try to get a screenshot of the element for you.

thank you

He Amit,
Here are a couple of screenshots of the app. When I long press, the menu will come up (it’s the purple one with channels/search/shop). I can long press to bring it up, but I also need to swipe to one of the menu items, while my finger is down. That is what I cannot figure out how to do.

thank you

Here is the list of elements.

@amit.yahav Thank you for looking into this. I added some screenshots to hopefully clarify the issue I am having.

@amit.yahav was there any luck in getting the Pan gesture to work in test project? I still have not figured out, how to get a longpress & swipe to work in test project.

Thank you