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How do I keep the new project parameter value after the test run is over?

I need to automate a password reset process. I cannot reuse old passwords so I need to generate a new password every time the test runs. Afterwards, I need to store the new password in a project parameter so that I can login in my other tests. The problem is that the project parameter keeps on reverting to its default value after the test/job is done. What should I do so that I can successfully store my new password?

I’m using the following step:
Step: Set value to a parameter
Addon: Parameters Operations


i do not know if this is the right way but when you create a job with these tests, with the password reset being the first test and then the subsequent tests running, even then you are facing the same issue?

If so, maybe you can create a new test and add the password recovery test as the first step and then add the remaining tests as steps using the “add test as step” option. this way the project parameter wont be reset