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How do I create a Test Suite of my tests

Hi - I would like to be able to share my tests with other members of my development team so that they can run groups of tests to test for regression before they commit. I have tried creating jobs - but they are tied to my agent. Is there a way to group tests and share them with my team - such that they only have to point it to their agents and run the tests? Now one of us has to constantly create a job per agent and make sure they are all updated if we change or add any test to the group.

Hello @shivani
First, you can always change which agent the Job is set to run on:


Also, an even quicker way is to generate a curl command to run the Job using TestProject API Swagger:

And here, you can override the default agent the Job should run on.
So say your teammate A agent id is X and teammate B agent ID is Y.
They can run the same curl command to run the job when they want, they just need to change the agent ID parameter in the command to be their own agent ID, that way everyone can ride the same job on different agents independant of the actual Job setting in the UI.


Hi @ran.tzur. Thanks for the detailed reply. The edit option worked out well. I will try out the curl option too.