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How can we edit Test Steps in existing test case?

I have recorded a test and now I want to edit steps text only. But I didn’t find any way to edit test step. Please help me.

You can edit any test step you would like to after finishing your recording.
All you need to do is go back into your test by clicking into it from your project:

And then select and edit any step you would like:

You can also edit this test while recording, by pressing the record button on top of the screen to open the TestProject recorder once more:


Thank you for your quick response. Actually I want to change simple text. Refer highlighted area.

That’s actually the step description and you can’t change that for pre-existing steps.
You can however add a comment that will be displayed under the description by pressing ‘Add Comments’ below what you have highlighted.

If you would like to add descriptions to actions you create in your own addons you can add this tag above your action class, for example:

name = “My Action’s Name”,
description = “My Action’s description”
public class ClassName implements IOSElementAction {

public ExecutionResult execute(IOSAddonHelper helper, IOSElement element) {
/* Code goes here */

Thank you. I am new to this tool. I still need to exploring addons part.

If you need some examples you can check out our GitHub repository to help you get started:

I am not sure if I followed @nitish22688 question but if it’s just abt the test’s description you can change it to some extent by editing the Element, eg here “DIV”, once it’s in edit mode, you can add some descriptive text but just to note, all text would be followed by the action type. eg below:
Click this is a test

, @david.goichman to correct if I am wrong :slight_smile:

You are correct that the element name can be changed and it will affect the existing description template.

In my previous comment I was referring to changing something like the description seen here:
2. “Pause for 10000 ms”
to something like:
2. “Halt the execution of my test for 10000 ms before interacting with the next element”

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Thanks @david.goichman and @it.dishantrawat. It seems, we can only update comments not the the test step.