How can wait for a test step that run completely

Hi Guys,
My project need to run both web and mobile tests in a job. So I created a mobile job and a web job.
Then I run the web job into the mobile job through API as a test step.
But I can not know exactly when the web job run completely to move on mobile steps. Also put the pause method and estimate the time but sometimes web job finished over my estimation.
Could someone please guide me some ideas?

Hi @phongtranone,
You can use this solution:

  1. Create a step with the ‘HTTP POST Request’ action to execute the job.
  2. Get the execution ID from the response to a parameter (to use in the next step).
  3. Create a project parameter with a default value of 200
  4. Create a step with the ‘HTTP GET Request’ action to get the job execution state.
  5. Save the request’s response to the project parameter.
  6. Create a step with the ‘Pause’ action to wait 2 minutes.
  7. Group steps 4 and 6 into a grouped test.
  8. Enter the grouped test settings and set it to execute if the test parameter equals 200.
    Also, set the repeat setting to 100 times (the max value available).

Hi @ran.ferdinaro
It is really a nice way to workaround.
I am appreciated your quick support.
Thank you so much.

You are very welcome :slight_smile: