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How can I use a distribution list instead of individual email addresses in a job

Hello - Is there any way to use a distribution list instead of individual email addresses when configuring emails for a job?

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Hello @jpickering
The ability to receive email notifications is only possible for emails that are under your account, addresses that are not in the account can not be entered in this field.
If you are interested in the possibility of grouping multiple email ids to use this, I can open a task as a future improvement.

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Hi @kfir.yosef
Thanks for the response. I did find a work-around for this by inviting a user to the project with the email associated with a Microsoft Teams channel, and then using that email in the job. I then get the results of the job in the teams channel, and all the people who need to see the daily results are able. I am assuming that the same process will be do-able for a distro list, so I will try that today and hopefully that will work. If so, it is a pretty easy way to get around the issue, and I wouldn’t think that it would be necessary to flag as a future enhancement. Thanks for all that you guys do, this tool is great and we are having a blast using it!!

Thanks for the warm words, we are here if you need any more help :slight_smile: