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How can I stop command line local machine - test execution report from writing to cloud report module

When I run some POC scripts on my local laptop with the command ->>

  • testproject-agent run C:\Users\stha\Downloads\S_Onboarding_2021-10-22_04_22_23.yaml
    I see all of my executions are logged in the Testproject cloud under the Reports or Monitor tab. Even the screenshots are available there.
    How can I turn off publishing report to cloud atleast when I am testing my script in local machine?


Hi @santhoshkartha0,

You can use the command

testproject-agent run test.yaml --report=LOCAL_REPORT


By default, the reporting when executing from the CLI is done locally and to the cloud.

For more information on the different flags that the command run accepts follow this guide:

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Thankyou team, I was able to figure out, incase anyone might need

testproject-agent run --report LOCAL_REPORT --output-path C:\automation\ttproject\html_reports C:\Users\ddde\Downloads\d-10-22_04_22_23.yaml