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How can I run recorded test automated generate code on my local IDE

I have downloaded automated generate code, try to run it from my Intellij IDE. But it says TestProject SDK JAR file was not found, please update the TP_SDK variable.

Hello @raju
Please download the Jar from here https://app.testproject.io/#/integrations/develop-addon
And write down the path to that file after it downloaded in the build.gradle.

Thank you @ran.tzur.I have already downloaded the SDK jar file. Where do I put that jar file?Am I write the path to the TP_SDK variable in build.gradle? @ran.tzur

You can put the Jar anywhere on your system, and in the build.gradle give it the full path to that file

Thank you @ran.tzur.Got it now.

@ran.tzur it’s giving error.What will be the correct syntax for writing def TP_SDK?Can you please give me an example of it?It will be very helpful for me.Thanks.

In my case, if the jar is in C:\TP_SDK ,the path would look like this:

Many many thanks @ran.tzur

@ran.tzur now it says “Illegal escape character in string literal”.What cause it can be?

That is because of the slashes, add another slash as an escape character.

Thank you @ran.tzur.Now it is working.

Can anyone help me out of this

Press ALT+ENTER on here

And see if you have ‘Add java to path’.

After hit Alter+Enter showing this

Can you go to your build.gradle and click on the refresh button.

Sure.I can try it.I will let you know the result.

I have refreshed the gradle but the error still exists

Can you please send us a message on our chat so I can continue helping you.