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How can I create Testproject parameters in coded C# test?

I’m writing a coded test with the help of testproject sdk in C#.
I want to know if i can create testproject parameters inside this coded test? so that when i upload this test and add this test as a step in recorder, i will be able to use these parameter for other steps in recorder.

I had the same question too and I found this:

I’m having trouble though uploading a c# test, waiting for testproject support to get back to me.


Parameterzing C# tests procedure is indeed documented but is not fully implemented.
There are a few minor things to adjust and test before it can be functional.

I will update you next week regarding the status.

thanks, will check this out

Ok, thanks for your reply.

Any updates on this Marat?

Hi @Philip.Wong

We are still working on this feature, we will keep you posted.

Hi Marat, any updates? How can I follow the progress? Release notes?

Hi @Philip.Wong

Indeed the release notes are a good source. It is still WIP.

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