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How can i catch app crashes with TestProject? [SOLVED]

I want catch all crashes in my app. Is TestProject eligible for this? If yes, how?

Hello, what do you mean?
When you run a test and your app crashes your test will probably fail and you will be able to see this in the report that also included screenshots.
In the reports tab, you also have a dashboard that shows you statistics so you can get an indication of the failures.

There is no detailed information in Report. Test can fail for several cases, maybe it is not an app crash. It just says test failed, if it is due to app crash how can i identify it?

In case your app crashed, Appium could not know that.
If in your test you try for example to tap on an element while the app has crashed it will actually return that the element is not found, you can identify it by look at the screenshot in the report, that you are no longer inside the app and this means the app has crashed.
It is not possible to show additional information as we have no ability to distinguish between such cases.

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Got it. Thanks for your response

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In case you need additional information regarding the reason the automation failed in some advance case you might need appium logs you can download them from here: