How can I add trailing zeros to a value if needed?


Using Evaluate Mathematical Expression, I am calculating the following:

Parameter1 + Parameter2
Example: 60.00 + 100.00

The answer goes into a Parameter (Parameter3)
Parameter3 = 160 (Parameter1 + Parameter2, 60.00 + 100.00)

But how can I get the value of Parameter3 to be 160.00 (include trailing zeros if needed) instead of 160?

Because I want to compare Parameter3 (160) with another Parameter (Parameter4) that shows the value 160.00 on screen, and I want to make sure that the values of Parameter3 & Parameter4 match and see if the Evaluate Mathematical Expression is producing the same answer as what is on screen?

The compare two strings action fails because Parameter3 (160) is smaller than Parameter4 (160.00), but the expected result doesn’t match to the actual result

Hi John,

I had faced same kind of scenario. I just used replace sub string action and removed .00 and then did comparision

Target: .00

Hope this reverse way will help you