Horizontal or vertical scroll bar

Hello, I tested a site https://app.exirio.com/login. On this site, we sell or buy any asset so we add data in form of a table. I was unable to record the vertical and horizontal scroll bar of this table in a test so I am unable to add any more data to the test.
how can I record both the scrolls please help me???

Hi @rinki,
You can use the execute JavaScript action to scroll inside an element
here is an example how:

First i will copy the js path of the element i want to scroll to, you can do this by right clicking the element and clicking inspect.
Then right click the element opened in devtools and click copy js path

After that create a new step in the recorder with the action execute JavaScript and past the js path there

Then add this to your js path

.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth', block: 'nearest', inline: 'start' })

and result in my case is

and then execute this action this would scroll inside an element to the element you chose.

Please let me know if you managed.

Kind regards

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