Home Page is not loading after login page while recording

My url run in my local host.

After giving username and password, it should take to Home page

But webrecording is not going to the home page, it stays in the same window

Navigate to ‘https://testenv.thedpoforum.com/
Click ‘SIGN IN’ (span)
Switch to window ‘1’
Click ‘DIV’ (Div)
Click ‘loginfmt’ (Textbox)
Type ‘barkave@onedpo.com’ in ‘loginfmt’ (Textbox)
Click ‘idSIButton9’ (Button)
Type ‘Thara#123’ in ‘passwd’ (Textbox)
Click ‘idSIButton9’ (Button)
Click ‘idSIButton91’ (Button)
Switch to window ‘0’

Note:Manually its working

I have removed all the extension in my browser

Hi @barkavenarayan .

I see you contacted us via chat, and you wrote there that you are not facing this issue anymore. It would be great if you could share with the community how did you manage to solve it :slight_smile: