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Hiding Keyboard without the date picker closing

Use Case

  1. Register using email
  2. Page for email fill is displayed
  3. user taps the Birthday and the date picker is shown then keyboard is displayed
  4. if I hide the keyboard the picker disappears
  5. I use Type Text after clearing the year and click ok the value is not retained
  6. If I use coordinates it’s brittle because some devices have different sizes and some do not have full keyboard displayed
  7. The keyboard does not show up as an element for the app - I assume since it’s a system keyboard

Any suggestions?

Hello @gpaneda
I assume this is an Android test.
(5) Try typing via Type text (using ADB) action.
Let me know if that helped, if you still need help, please contact me via chat so we can schedule a zoom call to run some tests together.

I tried that - it actually will not enter any character - type text does but the problem is that if I signal to press OK after the entry the original date is retained.