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Help with GitHub

I’ve been trying to ask in the chat for a few times and didn’t got an answer that helps me, maybe someone here will know.
I’m working in a startup and we have app (for both ios and android)
So far i have create a job with all the tests i wanted to include in it. Just for android so far. And i want to create a connection between the job and GitHub, meaning as soon as i have a new branch / RC i can run the job on it to see it works.
Anyone knows how to do it? if it’s possible at all?

You can start a job from TestProject API if you can include a curl command in your actions.
You can find more documentation on how to start a job here:


You can also change the APK in your application via the API, from here:


Is there an easier way for one that is not familiar with API? I personally don’t know anything about it. I can use help from other teams but I want to do it myself