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Headless vs Default drivers

Hy everyone!

I have an old question about drivers, how can i get different results when i run a headless and an active ui driver. I know these are different version of a browser. Actually the right question is how can i get a same succesfull result form my testcases?

Thanks for help.

Hey, my 5 cents will be - make sure you are running both executions on the same resolution, by default headless driver will run 800X600 or similar while ui driver will run full hd or similar, with TestProject recorder you can add “set window size” action with 1920X1080 parameters as your second step (after navigate to URL) it won’t impact ui driver run, but make headless run the same.

The second tip, make sure that you are accessing same page in some cases while running headless you will be executing on remote clouds such as aws/azure sometimes application beehive differently while accessing from different regions/ips presenting different pages (localization ,etc) take gmail login page as example it will show you almost identical but different page while accessing heedless or driver
ui , in that case proxy/vpn can might help.

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Thanks for help, these are very usefull tips.
Actully one konkret locator finds his targer in ui mod but not in headless sytle. I dont understand how its possible i am using ids what doesnt change also.

But again thanks, and have a good day !