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Having problem with TestProject

Hey there i have used testproject for few month now and its going good , fast support and everything.
but in few days now i am having problem with 2 things which i reached out to chat but i havent recived any answer nor anyone has seen it and its been over 5 days now

  1. i am having trouble with test report , when i run job from api the testproject did not make the report so i thought it was api but doing manual test also have same result , it run the excution but after its done the report is empty it was no problem before but occuring from a week now.

  2. I am trying to do automation testing i have a javascript which run the test case using api , wait for test to complete then send data, api is good and easy to use and its working perfect. The only problem i have here is that every time i run a test case it closes the current app and restart the app , my problem is i dont want it to restart i have no test that makes the app restart , i have the app open and when test case run it cloes and goes to “appium setting” and get back once but again goes and this time when it comes it restart.
    any help will be awsome , its been 5 days and i still could not fix it

This issue has been resolved please update your agent to the latest version:

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hey there i have reinstalled the new update 3.0.5 version and still having same issue ? @Amit.Lacher

Hi @dforce0584,
The issue was resolved,
Let me know if you still need anything.