Has There Been Any Official Response to Recent Issues?

Over the past few months, there have been several issues prevalent with TestProject. The migration to AWS caused jobs to duplicate scheduled runs and be impossible to reschedule. The site has been down several times. Code generation has broken several times. Most recently, we’ve been hit by a roll-back out of nowhere that caused a loss of three days worth of work, and some users haven’t been able to record tests after that. Has there been any official response to these issues? I think the closest thing I’ve seen is a forum moderator responded to a thread that a fix might be out sometime in June. Is there some sort official communication that I’ve just been missing?


I dont see any official response from them, seems like these issues that just kept occurring over the last few months no one was looking or replying into it, im not sure where the support team went @eldar

As much as I love TestProject it hasn’t felt stable since the AWS migration. I’m scheduling a meeting with testim.io (paid automation program that’s another Tricentis product) and get a full demo on that product. The joke in my office is that I should stop by the Tricentis HQ and ask directly what’s going on with TestProject since they are only 15 minutes down the road from my office lol.


Just updating this post with the first sort of official communication I’ve seen from TestProject regarding the past few months of issues:

So, looks like the reason for the drop in support is that Tricentis fired the support team (And honestly, probably a lot of the development team too).

I really hope this statements holds that they will keep TestProject stable and not go against their word and abandon it.

A lot of time, effort and money has been spent on this project. And I don’t think they will just shut it down. We only need stability. TP has strong tools for automatization and it the best of all tools for it

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Thats true. Its better than a lot, if not most of the tools out there. It would be extremely disappointing if they do decide to shut the tool down. Not to mention the effort required to re-write all the tests into the new platform

Would there be a chance of them ever open sourcing TP? I’m sure a lot of other devs would love to contribute to this project and it would be a good way to keep it alive

This is what their “Account Representative” told me when I signed up for the Community version of Testim.

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I tried Testim, it’s a very bad tool compared to TP.

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I also started evaluating testim.io recently too. However, I’m still on the fence about going to a Tricentis product since the support response for TestProject is really bad right now.

They’ve already shown that they are willing to leave users high and dry without a warning if a product doesn’t make enough money for them. I know I’m not going to be using Tricentis again with that threat always dangling over me.

I think if they ask to the community who is able to work and join support Testproject, they will receive a lot of talented appliccations around the world, Software engineers, Qa software, IT arquitect and so on… the people is there, the question is they want?

Two tools competing in the same market, it seems like one was the benchmarking, and the other the final product, And …who were the benchmarking Quality assurance team… We us… :disguised_face:

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I’ve done a POC with Testim and the amount of support and response has been great. Granted they are trying to see me a product so they are very attentive but I have in writing their SLAs for support and it seems to be pretty good. “chat support is 2-4 minutes and email is within 30 minutes” 24x7 support as well.

Right but the difference is that TestProject is free. We’ve paid nothing for support, from a business standpoint I don’t get how Testproject can be viable if the platform is free unless they are collecting our data and selling it. Since they’ve scaled back so much I don’t think that is happening however. Other products have fees and when you have a fee you have to meet an SLA as well.

My point was that if a paid product doesn’t make enough money for them, they could potentially drop it just as suddenly and quietly as they did TestProject. Is it unlikely with a paid product? Maybe not, but the only data we have on their end of life procedures for software does not paint a kind picture for Tricentis.

Thanks for the information on that. I also poked around in TestIM, and it appears it could be a good fit for us too.

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