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Handling random email insertions

I am new to the platform and learning the capabilities. I wanted to check if there’s a way for the platform to generate random email addresses and insert them to input field. Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @asingh ,
First of all, welcome to our community :slight_smile: ,

TestProject platform has many capabilities, one of the main features of our platform is the Addons, for general knowledge only.
An addon is a collection of ready-to-use coded automation actions you can use within any test to help you effortlessly extend your recorded and coded tests with reusable actions.
You can also create your own addons that you can share with your team or with the entire TestProject community if you wish. Addons make it easy to customize the actions you have in your tests to exactly fit your team’s particular testing needs.
More information about how to develop an addon you can find here:

We actually have an addon that generates random email addresses, please follow this guide on how to use this addon:

  1. First we’ll add a new step manually, and in the action area, we’ll select “Random Email Address”:

  2. Now, we’ll create a parameter that will store the output (the result email address), because we’ll need to use this parameter later:

  3. After we checked that we have a value inside the parameter, we’ll put this parameter inside a textbox, for that, we need to freeze the element (you can do it by hovering your mouse on the textbox and pressing double-shift) and we’ll use the “Type text” action:

  4. Now all we have to do is to put this parameter inside the input field, and then we’ll save this step, now let’s see it in action:

Let me know if you managed, and if you have further questions, please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thank you for detailed response! I am not able to see the ‘Random Email Address’ as an action type available in the list.

Hi @asingh ,
The addon doesn’t appear because you have to install it first:

Let me know if you managed.

I had it installed already but it still won’t show up.

Hi @asingh ,

You don’t see the action because you selected an element already, please follow these steps:

  1. First of all, add a new step manually:

  2. Search the addon in the select action box:

Now it should work for you just fine.
Let me know if you managed :slight_smile:

That worked. Awesome!

Thank you for your help and guidance!