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Guide for data-driven tests with nested test steps

Can anybody write up even a simple guide to creating a data-driven test with nested test steps? This got real complicated real fast for me and I would love to see some best practices, etc.


Hello @tim.rendall.

Data-Driven testing using nested tests behaves exactly the same as regular data-driven testing.
When you set up a test, you have the option to add to that test, input/output parameter.

I will be referring to the test with the nested test in it, the ‘external test’.

If you include a nested test in the external test, the input parameters you have set up for the nested test, will appear as input fields like in any other action with input parameters, such as ‘Type Text’.

These input parameters can be any parameter from the external test.
To perform data driven using the external and nested test combination, you will need to create input parameter for the external test.

When you generate a data source file for the external test, you will see these parameters in the CSV file.
After uploading and attaching the data source file to the test, be sure to pass the input parameters from the external test as the inputs to the fields of the nested test.

Therefore, when executing using the CSV file, the parameters that will change during each iteration will be changed for the external test, and those parameters will be passed into the nested test.

External test parameters:

Nested test parameters:

External test after adding the nested test and setting it up for Data-Driven testing (Note: I removed the NavigationUrl parameter from the nested test):