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Github actions for triggering jobs and tests


I have jobs created for regression, smoke, sanity which tests across devices and browsers by connecting to saucelabs. Now I wanted to know how to trigger the tests via github actions, so that as and when the dev team pushes the code onto any environment we start triggering the tests configured in the jobs. Please suggest if this can be done? any documentation? How to pass any paramamters to the job etc.

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Hi, you can trigger job execution and override and parameters via single end point, follow this link there is a detailed documentation of how override the parameters as well.


Bellow is an additional documentation on how achieve it with Circle CI, the principles are similar but it has some diagrams and might help you to understand how it’s done

Here is another document that will take you through the githib actions, dockers and python (openSDK) setup. For recorder tests you DONT need install any python stuff, but you can use this as well as basic configuration files then adding the following parameters for auto-job execution with docker

Automatic process is triggered by setting the following environment variables:

  1. TP_API_KEY - The API key can be created in the TestProject Web Application (as described here).
  2. TP_JOB_ID - The ID of the job that the agent should execute. More information about this can be found here.
  3. TP_JOB_PARAMS - OPTIONAL variable that can be used to override the default job parameters.
  4. TP_AGENT_ALIAS - OPTIONAL variable that can be used for registering the agent with a custom alias.