Getting the results of testproject run in ADO pipeline


Is there a way to get the results of a test run in ADO? I currently have a pipeline set up that will run the job but i am not getting the results of the test run or test steps in ADO.

Hi @nduckworth,
The response from the execution of the job is the job execution id.
You can use this request to get the state of the execution.
You can also use this request to get the execution’s report.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro thanks for replying, when running the pipeline in Azure DevOps i am not able to get the execution id until the test has been ran. Would you know how i can extract that id from on of the calls or another way i get the result in azure devops pipeline?

Have you tried using the result as a parameter to use in your pipeline?

Would you have steps to do that?

If you are having issues doing it you can use this request.