Getting Selenium Driver error while record or run the test

Hello Guys, I am getting this error message while running or recording the test. Please suggest to me a better solution. I am using the Linux Ubuntu system.

Attention! The Selenium driver that exist in the TestProject Agent folder is missing, or outdated and incompatible with your browser version.
To fix the issue, please make sure that your Agent is registered and that you have an active internet connection.
If you are working OFFLINE or with a non-registered TestProject agent, you can update the Selenium driver manually by replacing it with a new version of the Selenium web driver in the agent’s folder.
You can find more details on how to do so in the following article:Unregistered/Offline Agent - TestProject Documentation.

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I am also getting this error - I am running the agent on Windows and trying to use Chrome browser - tests execute fine using Firefox.

I am using Chrome ver 105.0.5195.54. I manually downloaded the latest driver available from the link but that is for ver 105.0.5195.52 - there isnt a driver for 105.0.5195.54.

The driver that is automatically downloaded when tests are run is smaller (11496KB) than the version that is available via the link (12532KB) - I think there is a problem with the version TestProject is downloading and it overwrites the version that is manually placed there causing the mismatch to be reported.

Use 104v Chrome. TP is working with this version and driver. Perhaps, it’s problem from google with wrong version driver, as u wrote above

Same here, using mac and the chrome navigator (v. 105.0.5195.52): Ihave also perform the steps in this link but nothing. Anyone can help?

Downgrading Chrome to v104 worked for me.