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Getting past my login screen in recorder mode

I am using the recorder to test my site but I am unable to get past my login screen while in recorder mode. While in the recorder I go to my home page, type in a valid username and password and click login. But it will not accept my login. When I exit the recorder and run the test, it logs in with no problem. Could this be because when it is in the recorder mode my URL is not what my page is expecting?

any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you.

Hi @nathan.walker,

Can you send a screenshot of the page that you see after you click on the login button?
Also, can you share the URL of your website with me?


I am not on the dev team in qa

What should happen after you fill in the username and password and click login? It redirects you to your website on the same tab? Or is suppose to open a new tab?

Also, can you please check that your website (after your pass the login page) contains any iframe elements?

I do not think it contains an iframe elements. I inspected the page and searched for ifraim in the code and nothing was found.

It should load the page in the same tab. and look something like this…

What exactly happen when you click on the login button in the recorder? You can see any error message? Some error in the Chrome console?

Apparently our QA environment only uses HTTP but out production uses HTTPS.

Here is the error in the console.

Thank you for your help.
I’m new at this.
I have to go to a meeting now. Will be back tomorrow.

Can you please update your agent to the latest version? Even if your agent version is 0.56.1, please do update it. We’ve updated our Chrome extension and it might help you.

If it still doesn’t work, we can even schedule an online support session.

Kind regards,

Hi everyone,
I’m kinda new here but has anyone found a solve for this?
I’m facing a similar issue while trying to build some tests for an app that uses Microsoft authentication.
Works just fine if I manually add selectors and run the test but get the same cross-origin issue when running it in the Editor.

Some solution I wanted to try is to find the chromedriver the test agent launches and configure that to start without web-security but couldn’t find a good way of doing this and it’s more of a hack honestly not a good solution for production tests.

Hi @stefan.peiu,

What is the issue you are experiencing with the Microsoft authentication? Can you show how it looks like in the recorder?

Hi @amit.yahav and thanks for the fast reply!
I’m attaching a snippet of the editor window with dev-tools opened.
It’s basically complaining about an unsafe navigation between app.testproject.io and the MS login URL.
I think this is because the application navigation happens in an iframe within the editor HTML.

Hi @stefan.peiu,

You cannot record actions on an iframe element in the recorder.
You have two options:

  1. Create a coded test using our C# or Java SDK. It can be a short test, just to log in using Microsoft authentication.

  2. Since it’s a small part that uses iframe, you can create the elements inside of it manually. For example, open the Microsoft login in a regular browser and inspect its elements. Then, create new elements in your test manually using those attributes you inspected. You won’t be able to see it in the recorder, but when you run your test from outside the recorder, it will work fine.

Let me know if you’ll need my help with that :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Thanks @amit.yahav!
I’ve been thinking of that as well.
The downside to that however is that this makes building recorded tests completely unusable for my entire app because each test will require a login step first so that I can later go ahead an do other actions.

Kinda slows down the process.

You can create a single login test and reuse it in all of your tests. When you create a new step, you can change its type to “Test”. Then, select your login test and reuse it.

Yes, true, that’s exactly what I did.
But the issue is that if I try to add that login test in another test and use the recorder to move on for my current test I won’t be able to go passed the login because I encounter the same situation as when trying to actually build the login test the first time :frowning: