Getting "No code blocks discovered" when uploading jar file

I created a sample Maven project using Eclipse. I created the jar file but now when trying to upload it, I am getting error “No code blocks discovered”. I have updated my pom.xml and assembly descriptor as mentioned here: GitHub - testproject-io/java-opensdk: TestProject Java OpenSDK

Hi @parulgoyal,
No code blocks discovered usually originate when you do not have @test annotation.
Please make sure your tests have the proper annotation before them and try to upload them again.
Let me know if you managed.

Hi @Amit.Lacher,
I was able to upload the jar file for java code on testproject now. But when executing the test via TestProject, I am getting below error. However, when executing the test from Eclipse, it is executing successfully.

Hi @parulgoyal,
Please make sure you follow these exact instructions, and that your Maven/Gradle file is constructed correctly.

Also note that you must compile everything in Java 11.