Getting errors when imported the java code & unable to remove test project sdk dependencies

hi Team,

I am user of testproject automation tool. As you might be aware that testproject is going out of life on 31st March 2023.
We have lot of scripts in TestProject but now as its going out of life and I am assuming TestProject Agent will also be scrapped after 31st March 2023.
I have been trying to import the project locally and tried running the same but unable to get it done on Intellij even after following all the steps available “TestProject Tutorial 11 | How to generate Java Code | How to run Tests from Java project - YouTube”.

Is there a tutorial available which can help to remove test project SDK dependency so that all the thing are working locally with selenium driver? I tried all the combination but nothing seems to be working for me.( May be due to my limited knowledge)
Can you please help me in this regard or any tutorial link available to help me with the same?

Saurabh Gupta