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Getting dll missing error.Request to help


I have inserted a for loop in the code and tried to upload as a new test.I’m getting ‘Zip file contains no .dll files’ .
Could you please help on this

Hi @dmraju,

Why are you trying to upload a zip file? Besides your project’s dll file, are you using other dll files? Usually, when using addons in coded test, you are required to upload them along side with the project dll in a zip file. If you don’t have any addons in your project, simply upload the project’s dll file.

Hi Amit,
The issue is as below
I have discussed in the forum yesterday
i’m unable to iterate testcase, as after one iteration, its navigating to login window(its already logined)
So inorder to iterate testcases, i have used forloop.i have did like this
have downloaded the code by clicking generate code and made edit using eclipse.and saved and uploaded as zip file.Its showing ‘dll error’.I have not uploaded any dll file.
Request to help on this

Hi @dmraju,

When you mentioned dll files, I thought you were trying to upload a C# coded test.
What build tool did you use in your Java project? Gradle or Maven?

Any way, you need to compile a jar file from your project and upload that file to TestProject.

Thank you for the reply,
I m using eclipse as editor,and

how should i compile a jar file from my project

What build tool are you using? Gardle or Maven?