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Getting black screen while recording test

I have register test agent with SDK and connect device with System.

I created test and started recording, but I noticed that black screen displayed while app is opened and screen is unlock.

Can you please suggest on above issue.



Please make sure you have no other screen mirroring software running simultaneously.
Try viewing your device screen from “Devices” tab on Agents page.
If nothing works, please share your Agent logs.


I have not opened any other screen mirror, ASM launched only when getting black screen so I can show you my device screen.

Also, I have one question how I to get element details using SDK, I observed that we can get only default xpath, id. If we want to update xpath, then how do I get element details.


Hi Sadik,

Can you please send us your logs (you can download them in the Agents section. Next to your Agent, on the right side - you will see an arrow down icon, click it to open the option to download the logs).
In addition, can you please restart your mobile device.

As for your question on how to get element details using TestProject SDK, see this topic: https://forum.testproject.io/index.php/topic,598.0.html.

Thank you,