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Getting an error when running my test on a Mac agent

Hi, I could record the script but when launch with Mac agent (chrome) the script stop because doesn’t found the iframe. Report said: “Failed retrieving results from wrapper”.

The same record script with Win agent (chrome) works perfectly.
I dont know if exist a workaround for this or if I missing something. Thanks, Mariano!!

Hi @marianosckerl,

On which step in your test you are getting this error?
It’s a web, Android or iOS test?
Also, what is your agent version in your Mac machine?

I attach a snap of execution.

I use this agent


We are going to release a new agent version with more detailed logs that will help us understand this issue. I will let you know once the new version will be available :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks.

PD: Its a website.

Yes, I noticed that by the navigation to the URL of the website :wink:

Hi @marianosckerl,

I sent you a link to my Google Drive to download the new agent version. This version should produce us more detailed logs that will help us to investigate this issue.

Can you please download and install that new agent? Then, once it will fail again, send me the agent logs to my email: amit.yahav@testproject.io

Kind regards,