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Get value/text from a selected value in dropdown list

How to get the actual selected value/text from dropdown list? Get text will get all the value/text from the dropdown list not the selected value/text…

Hello @steve.wong
After extracting the entire text from the dropdown list, you can extract a specific value from the text using this action for example:

But I only want the selected value in the element, how to do this?

@ran.tzur Cannot find this from action, can you show me which addon you are using for this?

Hello @steve.wong , which action are you refereeing?
The one from the screenshot above?
It is called Extract string using Regex

cannot find this from action list


Try to refresh if you are not seeing it.

still not able to find this action, even restart my workstation…

Can you try using Chrome incognito?

You can also check if you have the latest version of the String Utils addon.

Thanks, it is working with the update.