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Get value of id without [""]

So I have this json response trying to use jway json path but when i save the output of id it returns it inside an array.

“items”: [{
“id”: “01788333-45a5-46e7-bb84-a7e79e4053e2”,

I’m using $…id as it’s the only one returned, how can i get just the id without [""]

Hello @elsidaliaj,

In the HTTP request, you can save the response in the “JsonResponse” output field,
and it should remove the (" ") characters from the number, and to remove the brackets you should specify the index of the item in the JsonPath, like [0].

Another way to achieve this is by using this action:


This will remove this chars ( [, ], ") from the string:

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yeah for some reason when I do $…id[0] it returns empty, but i’ll try the string step.