Get time in 12 hours format

i am recording the test cases and i am using the action as get future and past date there i need the time format in 12 hours. Does anyone know how to do this?

Hi @Tmukadam

You can get time in 12 hours format by selecting the format “hh:mm” . Like this:

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also h:mm works so hours <10 are shortened while hours =>10 are still displayed

then may want an if test step / function
get the time if 00:00-11:59 then set value ‘am’ to {amOrPm} parameter
get time if 12:00-23:59 then set value to pm to {amOrPM} parameter

Then once ran your get future date can then set value command taking your formatted time and {amOrPm} and sticking into parameter so have human readable output

ie 20:21 would = 8:21pm

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Hi, @tsalisbury where can we add these condition for AM and PM. Can you please explain?