Get the row consisted value

I need to find and get the row in which I gave the value through fill the textbox.

After I fill the inputs in one testbox (assume it as “price of product”).

Then the value fill will be stored in the product which I added or selected…

Atlast we need to check if the table list contains that value? But we need that exact row to validate the selected product is correct with the input we gave in the same row…

How can I do that?

Thanks & Regards

Hi @nithizunnikumaran21, welcome to our community!!
I have created a sample test you can adapt to your test-case:

  1. Check if the table contains the value you are searching for (in my case I searched for 12000).

  1. If the value can be found in the table, get the value’s Xpath (searching for the value using Xpath).


  1. Extract the Row’s value from the Xpath (notice that in Xpath the count starts from 0. In my case row No.0 = headers row).

  1. Make sure the row contains another value which confirms you chose the correct value from the correct row.

Let me know if this information helped in your case.

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