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Get the href of a button that is inside an iFrame

Good day,

I’m having trouble getting the href of a button inside an iFrame.

So far, I’ve done ‘Get attribute’ addon and get ‘href’ then stored it in test parameter.
Step was success but it does not store the href into the parameter

Hi @gerard.benavides,

Did you switch to the iframe before you tried to get the href attribute?

Hello @amit.yahav,

Yes I already did.

Hi @gerard.benavides,

I’ve just checked it myself and it’s working fine. I can save the result in an output parameter and later, type this parameter to a textbox.

How do know that the value was’t store in the output parameter?

Hi @amit.yahav,

In my case, I use this public mailbox ( Link to Mailinator inbox )
In that mailbox, there’s one email (Angebot Staging) and inside that is an “Accept Invitation” button that contains the href that I want to get.

I added this element
and added a step that gets the href using the “Get attribute value” addon. Set an output parameter and ran the test. Checked the output param inside the test and from Parameters tab, there was no stored href in my output param.

Am I missing anything or made a wrong step?


Did you try to type the parameter’s value into a text box? Just to check if it has any content