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Get Text Not Working for Mobile

Hello Team,
I am trying to validate the text entered in text box after typing.
Get Text and contains text both are returning Object name instead of Text.

Do note that its parameterised.

While typing it works fine:
Step 5 : works fine

Step 7 returns label name:

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @neeleshsingh1987,
I can see from the screenshot that the get text action on step 7 is on a button which probably have the text “Add Category Label” And not a textbox which you type the text on. Please try to change the element on step 7 to be the textbox on which you typed the text on step 5.

its the same object name as on step 5. What I thought even if it says button typing on it enters text so getting text should be feasible??

I will try to inspect as for text box.

@itamar.klein I changed it to text type…same result getting the label name

I see, I think it will be easier to troubleshot it in a zoom call, can please address us in the chat on the bottom right of your screen and we will do the zoom call?