Get substring from a string


I am trying to use the action Get Sub string in Range.

The String is Sravani (Sravani Sathavalli).I want the string in between the parentheses.

So I used Find substring Index action and got the Index of opening bracket which is 8 and stored it in index and same action to get the index of closing bracket is 27 and stored it in indexEnd.

Then I used action Get Substring in Range index to indexEnd(8 to 27)
image. But the output is (Sravani Sathavalli. I want only Sravani Sathavalli. It should fetch the string which is in between 8 and 27 right? How do i get it.

Hi @sravani,
You need to add a step with the ‘Evaluate Mathematical Expression’ action to add 1 to the ‘index’ value.

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