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Get agent status : running or not (with java testProject Method)

Hello Team TestProject,

I am working on an addon in Java, and i need to know the following information : whether an agent is running or not with a Java testProject method, to avoid any problems with a busy agent not running the next requests.

Thanks in advance!

@ikhalil-ext You can send a simple HttpUrlConnection to htpp://localhost:8585 to check if the Agent is running. Or http://localhost:8585/api/status to get a JSON response.
Another option is using the testproject-agent connect command.

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Thanks for your response Marat! But running the Url you proposed will give me the status of my own agent (and it is just locally), what i need is to get the running status of any agent X (which i want to run my tests on) of testProject, and not only locally…

I would appreciate your help,


For this you can use our standard API: