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Genymotion Emulator disconnecting from agent

I was able to successfully connect the agent to genymotion emulator and have already recorded some tests as you can see in the screenshot attached. But, for the past 4-5 days, agent disconnects from genymotion emulator as soon as I try to connect to it.
I have tried restarting the agent and restarting the PC as well. But nothing seems to work.
Environment : Windows 10
Agent : 0.65.21
I have tried on 2 different PCs but no success.

Hello @shavetasharma.mca
Which device are you trying to emulate?

Its a custom tablet running Android 7.1.
I have also tried with Google Pixel running 8.1.

Thanks, please send us your agent logs to support@testproject.io

Sent you the mail with logs.
Please check and update.
Let me know if any further assistance needed.