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I am unable to put any kind of inputs in the fields (in the pic). It shows just the generic web element locator instead of textbox, also doesn’t show the sign up button locator. I can put inputs in the fields by just typing into them but unable to create steps for testing. I have tried creating them manually and by clicking on the textbox also if it shows any type of option to make the step. I have also already tried to create new elements but didn’t work.

How can I fill the inputs?


Hi @mgg7934,

In your case you have a website which is all shadow dom, because of that the way to automate your website is by using JavaScript. as in your website element appear only when they are in focus.

This is the way to automat in your website
for example how to click and type in email filed

  1. add step with action execute JavaScript with this script

run this step and you can see the mouse coordinates at the tab of your website


  1. create step with execute JavaScript action with this script
var x = arguments[0];
var y = arguments[1];
element1=document.createElement('div')"width: 45px;height: 45px;background-color: blueviolet;position: fixed;top: "+y+"px;left: "+x+"px;"

at the args of the action please put the coordinates of the element you want to click on

this will create an element at the place of your current element

  1. create a click action on the element created

  1. create a new step with action execute JavaScript with this script
var x = arguments[0];
var y = arguments[1];"width: 45px;height: 45px;background-color: blueviolet;position: fixed;top: "+y+"px;left: "+x+"px; pointer-events: none"

with same coordinates

  1. Run the click action and it will focus on the element and then the element will be shown in the dom.
    in your example you can see after running all of these steps that an input element was created

  2. Now you can create execute javascript of click or type on the element shown after focusing like shown in here Interact with Shadow DOM Elements | TestProject Help Center

you will need to repeat this on all element you want to interact.
Please let me know if you managed.

Kind regards

I am getting this error (picture below) after following every step. This the last step when I am trying to input the text into the textbox.

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