Generating test data

Hello, I am planning to migrate to TestProject, from my own framework (selenium in Java)

I am testing a web app, that requires tons of test data for each test/scenario (populating SQL database and MongoDB creating various records required to perform tests)

How could I approach that with TestProject? Basically before executing any test/scenario, I need to create lots of SQL records, but I don’t want to run SQL scripts, but be able to programmatically manipulate my databases, is there such possibility, without having to write each test in code?

Currently I am using Hibernate in my current framework.

Kind regards.

Hi @Mateusz.Mysliwiec,
You can create steps using our SQL addon which can be found here. just search “data base” and choose the correct one for your case.

You can then generate a template and assign parameters inside the query field.
For example SELECT {TestProject_Parameter} FROM {TestProject_Parameter};

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