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Generated code iOS new IOSDriver<> 'cannot infer arguments'

I downloaded the generated code for iOS and I cannot resolve the iOSDriver ‘cannot infer arguments’ error.
I tried adding an argument I think it was expected MobileElement but still gives an error.
This is the error that came with the generated code. I am new to iOS automation so I was hoping to learn from the TestProject generated code.


Thank you very much,

Hello @shltrmail
Try putting IOSElement inside the <>

It doesn’t like that either

Hello @shltrmail
Can you please send me your pom.xml or build.gradle over to support@testproject.io
If you can, you can even send the code so it will be easier to see the issue.

Aah I think it is because I am not implementing testproject:
implementation ‘io.testproject:java-sdk:0.65.0-RELEASE’

I think this is close but not quite working but I will try to figure out since I’m trying to run iOS device on Windows using appium:

driver = new IOSDriver(new URL(getInstance().getProperty(“appiumserver”)), getCapabilities());