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Generate test cases?

I’m wondering if there is a plugin or something which can generate a test case document from the existing recordings?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @rivanov.

You can generate either a test document or manual test document by selecting the more option on a specific test recording:

Thank you for your response, I was searching for more general solution. It’s great that we can have each test converted (honestly I didn’t noticed it and it looks great), but is there a way to generate multiple tests in one test cases document. I tried to select more than one tests and this option was missing from the options.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @rivanov.

You could do this by nesting the tests you need into a master test case:

That way, when you generate the document, it will contain those tests as well:

Clicking on the test names will bring up their contents.

Hello @david.goichman,

Thank you again for your response. It’s a great idea - definitely will try it.